3 Natural Ways to Use Onion Juice to Grow Hair Faster

Today we will discuss 3 natural and powerful ways to use onion juice to grow hair faster. Many people suffer from hair loss and the number one reason for hair loss is pure stress.

I know many people who have successfully done hair transplant to look younger. Although this method works but it requires lots of guts to go to such extreme procedure. And not to mention how expensive that can be!

There are many therapies to regrow hair and today we will discuss 3 of my favourite methods which is done with onion juice.

Onions are naturally rich in sulphur which is a crucial ingredient for hair growth and this is why we can use onion juice to regrow hair and successfully beat hair loss.


3 Natural Ways to Use Onion Juice to Grow Hair Faster

There are 3 onion recipes that you can use to naturally regrow hair and below are these 3 methods:

  1. The first method requires: onions and honey. Mix half a cup of onion juice with 1 teaspoon of honey and apply it daily to your scalp. You can also drink this juice to speed up the process of hair growth from inside out.
  2. The second method of consist of consuming onions daily in your diet. This should include raw onions as salad dish and in your cooking. There are many health advantages of eating onions and it is far better than taking medical pills to regrow hair.
  3. The third and final method of using onions to naturally regrow hair is to chopped 4/5 onion in 1 litre of boiled water and rinse it to your hair or scalp when the liquid is at room temperature.


Follow all the above tips and methods you will notice quality changes in your head. Another ways to regrow hair naturally is to apply coconut oil, neem and Aloe Vera to your scalp. I have written an detailed article about this you can read it here, it is titled – Home Remedies for Hair Loss – How to Regrow Hair Naturally Without Surgery. That is it!