Spirulina, Seaweed, Vegetable Proteins

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that is rich in nutrients and often considered a superfood. With its high nutritional value, spirulina has been consumed as food for centuries in Central Africa. It is now widely used as nutraceutical food supplement worldwide.Continue Reading

The Purium diet is said to improve overall energy levels, sleep quality and daytime wakefulness, as well as aid in resetting metabolism. The diet comes in two forms, a 10-day and 30-day program, both of which require participants to consume mainly Purium products. Some people say that this program canContinue Reading

Cloves are the flower bud of the clove tree, which is an evergreen  It is a spice that is mainly known for being in gingerbread baked goods  It is also a main staple in Indian cuisine  It can add depth, spice and flavor to many foods in theContinue Reading

Wormwood is an herb that is also known as Absinthe, Absinthium, green ginger, madderwart, or Mugwort  It is native to Europe, but grows in many different climates throughout Asia, Africa, South America, and the United States  The above groundContinue Reading

Purium ProductsGet information on all the Purium Health Products by clicking here! Recommended Servings for Purium Products 40X Aloe Vera ConcentrateSuggested Use: Dilute 1 tsp into water, juice, or any beverage and drink daily. Advanced Probiotic BlendSuggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily with food. Aloe DigestSuggested Use: Mix 2 1/4Continue Reading

Zinc is an essential nutrient that is in charge of lots of different things in your body  It helps the immune system, helps the metabolism function, and is a key nutrient in all stages of wound healing, among other things  Zinc is important inContinue Reading

Purium Brand Partner

First let me say, Purium is not your normal MLM program.   You don’t have to be a brand partner to get products, and you can get the same discount as a brand partner (without being one).   If all you want to do is buy the quality products that Purium offersContinue Reading

Beetroot powder is packed with nutrients, and vitamins essential for the body  It is high in nitrates allowing it to be beneficial in exercise performance, as well as brain health  Beetroot powder has antioxidants and fiber that help withContinue Reading

Predigested Protein Supplement

What are predigested proteins Predigested proteins are one of the highest quality proteins  It is also known as hydrolyzed protein  This is when the protein has already gone through part of the hydrolysis process  This hydrolysis process isContinue Reading

Pure & Premium Nutrition Formulated with Your Health in Mind, that is what Purium is all about.  Reboot your health and lifestyle with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. Convenient foods are often filled with artificially and genetically-modified ingredients. During this unprecedented time, you don’t need to compromise your health for convenience.Continue Reading

Zinc is an essential nutrient that your body needs  It helps with immune function, human health, growth, and sense of taste  Adult women should be getting 8 mg of zinc a day while adult men should be getting 11 mg a day  Too much zinc though canContinue Reading