Cacao Mint Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in nature. It is a rich source of chlorophyll, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Platinum has combined it with cacoa, carob and mint to give it a unique and delicious flavor.

Spirulina is Nature’s Richest Food Source of:
Vitamin B-12. It’s two to six times richer than the nearest rival, raw beef liver. B-12 is practically a synonym for high energy. Bio-chelated Organic Iron, which is completely nontoxic. It`s 58 times richer than raw spinach and 28 times richer than raw beef liver!
Vitamin E. It`s 3 times richer than raw wheat germ and its biological activity is 49% greater than synthetic vitamin E.
Beta-Carotene (Pro Vitamin A). It`s 25 times richer than raw carrots. Unlike the preformed vitamin A of synthetics and fish liver oils, beta-carotene is completely nontoxic even in mega doses.
Antioxidants. It contains a spectrum of every natural antioxidant known, including: the antioxidant vitamins B-1 and B-6; the minerals zinc, manganese and copper; the amino acid methionine; and the super antioxidants beta-carotene, vitamin E and trace element selenium.
Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). Its oils are 3 times richer in GLA than evening primrose oil. Studies have indicated that GLA helps lower blood cholesterol and high blood pressure and eases such conditions as arthritis, premenstrual pain, eczema and other skin conditions.
Chlorophyll – many times richer than alfalfa or wheat grass!

Product Benefits:
All the benefits of Platinum Cacao Mint Spirulina with a great cocoa mint flavor. Organic Spirulina is nature’s ultimate whole-food multi-vitamin. It is nutrient dense, packed with protein and loaded with marine omega fatty acids. This energizing super food is easy to digest and assimilate.

  • May support a healthy immune response
  • Can help with endurance and stamina in athletes
  • May aid in reducing cravings and normalizing appetite
  • Offers antioxidant protection for healthy cell integrity
  • Can support healthy and normal cell division
  • May aid in maintaining healthy and normal blood pressure
  • Can support healthy liver function

Suggested Use:
Take 2.5 tsp (6.25g) with 6-8 oz water, your favorite creamy beverage or a smoothie, one or two times, daily.

Facts of Cacao Mint Spirulina:


  • Certified Organic Spirulina
  • Certified Organic Cocoa
  • Certified Organic Carob
  • Certified Organic Peppermint
  • Natural Chocolate Flavor
  • Organic Whole Leaf Stevia
  • Lo Han Berry Extract (Monk Fruit)
  • Certified Organic Guar Gum


187,5 gm

Keep out of reach of children. Keep the container tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place. Contain a bag filled with a harmless absorbent that should not be consumed.

Label of Cacao Mint Spirulina:

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