Heating pads can be a great way to help relieve aches, pains, cramps, muscle stiffness, and even pain from arthritis.  Using a heating pad is a form of heat therapy.  Heat therapy can be very effective in helping with chronic pain and stiffness.  The main thing that heat therapy does for your body is it helps improve circulation.  This can help speed up recovery. 

Heating pads are a convenient source of heat therapy since they are usually portable.  Some heating pads are battery powered or are electrical so all you need is a power source.  Forms of heating pads are electronic, warm bottles, bags of warm water, or even heated towels. 

Heating pads can be homemade with rice.  Just put some rice in an old sock, heat up in the microwave and you have a heating pad.    Other forms of heat therapy if you don’t have a heating pad are a hot shower, a hot bath, or time in a sauna. 


Health Benefits Of Heat Therapy

The benefits of a heating pad is that it improves circulation.  This improved circulation brings more oxygen and blood to the injuries which in return speeds up recovery.  The increase in circulation can also help with reducing inflammation.  

Another thing that heating pads can do is soothe sore muscles, aching muscles, and joints. 

Using a heating pad regularly can help increase the range of motion in the arms, legs, and back.  

Many people use a heating pad to help with back pain. 

You can use a heating pad anywhere on your body.  Even on your stomach.  Using a heating pad on your stomach can help relax the outer muscles if you have stomach cramps or pains.  It will also help promote movement in the digestive tract, if your stomach pain is digestive related. 

Heating pads can also be used on your neck, shoulders, arms, or legs.  


Heat Therapy & Physical Injury

It is important to know when to use heat on an injury and when to use cold.  Applying heat is not recommended immediately following physical activity, injury or during infection.  This can cause increased swelling and inflammation. 

Cold therapy is recommended 24-48 hours after injury, where heat therapy is more used for chronic pain and stiffness. 


Heating Pad Safety

When using a heating pad it is also important to never put it directly on your skin.  This can cause a skin rash or even burns

When looking for a heating pad to purchase you can find some that have automatic shut offs.  This will help make sure burns don’t happen if you were to fall asleep with the heating pad on.  It can also make sure your heating pad doesn’t stay on while not in use which could cause other problems. 

When starting out with a heating pad start on the lowest setting then work your way up to higher settings.  When using a heating pad on the highest setting only use it for about 15 minutes.  This will help prevent burns. 

If using the heating pad on low it can be used for long periods of time. 

If you are pregnant, be careful using a heating pad.  You can use a heating pad for pregnancy related back pain, but getting the fetus too hot can be harmful.  Only use a heating pad on the lowest setting for only 10-15 minutes.  

Heating pads can cause an increase in heart rate since it helps increase circulation.  This elevated heart rate can cause trouble in people who are at risk of cardiovascular conditions, such as arrhythmias. 

Heating pads may also cause a decrease in blood pressure.  People who have dizziness or light-headedness after standing may also find that using a heating pad can cause this same effect after use.  



Heating pads can help with chronic pain and stiffness.  It is primarily used for sore backs, but can be used on any joint, or muscle.  It can also be used on the stomach to help with stomach cramps and digestive issues.  




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