Walking Vs Running Which One is Better for Weight Loss

There is a lot of debate regarding what you should do: walk or run? Today we will discuss 5 reasons why walking is better than running for weight loss.

Cardio as you know is the best exercise for the whole body. It boost metabolism, improves respiratory functions, increases stamina, reduces stress hormones, produces testosterone and burns calories.

These are some of the health benefits of cardio exercise. But cardio can be done is 2 ways: walking and running. So what which one is better for weight loss?


In my opinion walking is better than running and below are 5 reasons why:

#1 Walking Burns More Calories in The Long Run

Just like the petrol in your car, the slower you go the more fuel you will save. Meaning when you are running you are forcing your body to the max and this will cause early fatigue which means sooner or later you will feel tired and out of breath. Walking on the other hand will boost your stamina levels, regulate you respiratory functions and burns you more calories. A personal experiment of mine revealed that for every 14 steps you walk you will burn 1 calorie. And by simply walking 10000 steps you will be burning more than 500 calories a day! Which is equivalent of doing 50 push ups.

To determine how many calories you are burning doing over 100 various activities try Health Surgeon’s Calories Burned Calculator.

#2 Walking Regulates Blood Pressure

Many medical professionals recommend that you walk at least 10000 steps a day to regulate your high blood pressure. There are numerous health benefits of walking we are just covering some of them.

#3 Walking is Recommended for Asthmatic Patients

If you are asthma you are less likely to run. And if you are in a course of losing weight walking will not only improve your daily breathing and open your nostrils but it will also boost your stamina.

#4 Walking Reduces High Cholesterol

Exercising daily is proven to reduce high cholesterol levels and walking is a form of cardio exercise. And you can spread your daily 10000 steps quota in 24 hours, doing something similar running will require lots of muscle power. Plus if you are over 50, running should be out of the question.

#5 Walking is Good to Convert Sugar in to Energy

If you are diabetic, walking will stimulate body insulin (the matter that converts sugar in to energy). Basically all you need to do is to walk ten thousand steps a day.