Selenium is a trace mineral.  The daily amount needed is usually gotten through food.  You can get selenium in supplemental form.  The average daily amount is about 55 micrograms, for an adult.  Selenium is stored in muscle tissue.  There is a higher concentration of selenium in the thyroid glands.  Selenium is vital to your health and is needed in small amounts. 

Selenium can help support healthy functioning of your body such as your metabolism, immune system, and thyroid function. 

You can get selenium from Brazil nuts, walnuts, tuna, cod, red snapper, herring, beef, poultry, and grains. 


Selenium Deficiency 

Deficiency of selenium can occur.  There are two conditions that can cause selenium deficiencies.  One is Keshan disease which is a type of cardiomyopathy.  Kashin-Beck disease is a type of osteoarthritis, both can lead to selenium deficiencies. 

Symptoms of a selenium deficiency are nausea, vomiting, headaches, altered mental state, lethargy, seizures, and coma. 

People who are at higher risk of a deficiency are people who eat plant based diets.  People with HIV can struggle with malabsorption, diarrhea, and decreased appetite, which can also lead to a deficiency.  Kidney failure with dialysis treatment can also cause a selenium deficiency.  Dialysis filters the blood which can remove selenium from the blood.  


Selenium Toxicity

Toxicity of selenium can also occur.  It can happen if someone eats too many Brazil nuts.  They have a high amount of selenium, and eating too many of them each day can cause toxicity. 

Too much selenium can lead to health problems.  The first signs of selenium toxicity are metallic taste, bad breath, nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, nail brittleness, skin rash, skin flushing, fatigue, irritability, and muscle tenderness.  A selenium toxicity can cause muscle tremors, hair loss, stomach upset, lightheadedness, heart attack, respiratory distress, and kidney failure.  


Selenium Health Benefits


Helps Thyroid Function

Selenium is important for overall health.  Selenium is important for healthy thyroid function.  There is a higher concentration of selenium in the thyroid glands.  Selenium helps with thyroid hormone production, which is important for metabolism, growth, and development.  Taking a selenium supplement may also help people who have Hashimoto’s disease, which is a thyroid condition.  

Lowers Cancer Risk

Another benefit of selenium is that it may be able to lower your risk of cancer.  Selenium can help with DNA repair.  It also helps lower the oxidative stress in the body.  Cancer can be caused by an increase of free radicals in the body.  Selenium is a high antioxidant, which can help lower the amount of free radicals.  Selenium can also help boost your immune health which can help the body destroy cancer cells.  All of these benefits of selenium may be able to prevent certain types of cancers. 

Lowers Inflammation

Selenium can help lower the inflammation in the body.  Inflammation in the body can be a risk factor for heart disease.  Lowering the amount of inflammation can help lower the risk of heart disease.  Selenium also increases glutathione peroxidase which is an antioxidant.  Antioxidants can help lower inflammation, and lower oxidative stress throughout the body. 

Improves Cognition

Selenium can help with cognitive decline.  It has been shown to help with age-related cognitive decline as well as decline from certain different conditions.  Cognitive impairments from Alzheimer’s disease, such as memory loss can be helped by taking a selenium supplement.  Selenium like mentioned before can decrease oxidative stress, which is a factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.  Selenium can help improve memory and prevent mental declines.  



Selenium is a trace element that is important to your overall health.  It can help with your metabolism, immune system, and thyroid function.  Making sure you get your daily amount will stop you from suffering a selenium deficiency.  Toxicity can occur if you eat too many Brazil nuts. 

Some people are at higher risk of a deficiency, such as people who eat plant based diets, people with HIV, or if you undergo dialysis. 

Selenium has lots of health benefits, from being a powerful antioxidant, lowering your risk of cancer, keeping your heart healthy, keeping the thyroid functioning properly, and improving cognitive decline.  





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