4 Natural Ways to Reduce and Prevent RCC Kidney Cancer

Today we will discuss 4 natural ways to reduce and to prevent kidney cancer risks. Cancer is among the deadliest and dreadful disease, fortunately the advancements of medicine in that past 50 years give us plenty of knowledge about how to reduce and prevent this striking disease.

Kidney cancer affects over 50 million people around the world! And kidney cancer is a preventable disease. Many people are not aware that most cancerous diseases are preventable, all you need to do is to take care of your body and lifestyle. This includes your diet and routine life.

Below are 4 natural ways to reduce and prevent kidney cancer risks:


Eat Fiber Rich Foods

A recent study from AIRC or American Institute of Cancer Research showed that people with a fiber rich diet are less likely to develop renal cell carcinoma or RCC the most well known form of kidney cancer. The study was done with over half of million participants and where divided in to 5 groups and after 10 years of research the study showed that participants with most fiber in their diet where 17.5% less likely to develop RCC kidney cancer.


Add More Vegetables in Your Diet

In early 2003 the Bastyr Centre of Natural Health published a report stating that taking vegetable nutritional supplements reduces the risks of developing RCC kidney cancer. This study was done with 1279 RCC patients and with 5370 non-RCC patients and it showed that people with good dose of vegetables in their diet are 30% less likely to develop RCC kidney cancer. The study also showed that people with high junk food in their diet such as hamburgers and sausages are 45% more likely to developed RCC which means there is a link between meat and vegetable consumption in the development of RCC kidney cancer.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

A study in Stockholm Sweden showed that women who have a good source of omega 3 fatty acids in their diet (consume fatty fish at least once a week) are 44% less likely to develop RCC. There are huge benefits of taking omega 3 health supplements but the best way is to get in naturally via food digestion.



Vitamin D

A study in Karoliska (Stockholm) also showed that there is a link between vitamin D and kidney cancer. Because people who live in places where sunlight is rare, these people have high rates of RCC kidney cancer. There are many ways to get vitamin D in your body but the best way is via sunlight. If you live in a place like UK or Stockholm where sunlight is very rare, taking vitamin D health supplements can be a healthy alternative.