An indoor gym attached to your house is a great and convenient way to stay in shape. It also saves people time from driving back and forth to a public gym which gives them more time to work out at home. But even then, many people are still not encouraged or motivated to work out daily.

To overcome this, people should reconfigure their gym space/atmosphere and accommodate gym machines that will best achieve their fitness goals. To take it one step further, people should also incorporate smart home technology around the house to remind and motivate them to achieve their daily workout plans. In an age where technology is a part of our everyday lives, it should be no different when it comes to working out. 

Rather than investing thousands of dollars in unnecessary gym equipment that you may or may not use, homeowners should incorporate innovative home technology that is less expensive and more applicable to achieving one’s goals. One of the things homeowners can do is incorporate automated speech recognition (like Amazon Alexa) to play upbeat workout music and set reminders for workout times. This will help people to find a routine that fits them and stick to their goals. 

Another smart home feature they can incorporate in their gym is a smart mirror. Smart mirrors can help people practice proper workout forms by playing motivating workout videos as they simultaneously observe their form. This can better instruct people on how to get in shape and not feel clueless or doubtful regarding if they are working out properly. 

While none of these strides to use their home gym and become more fit is a guarantee, these purchases can increase one’s motivation to work out consistently. Making small investments like incorporating automated speech recognition or smart mirrors should expect to use their in-home gym each day when it is time to hit their daily workout routine. 


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