teenage girl and weight loss

Teenage girls nowadays are more into fashion trends than boys, and the media is the culprit. Nonetheless heaving a healthy and sexy body is far better than being obese.

Obesity is a global problem and extremely dangerous, long term obesity can lead serious health disease and diabetes. In extreme cases of obesity regular exercise and diet plans would not work, surgery would be the only option.

Can you imagine being in an emergency room surrounded by doctors and surgeons with knives and surgical tools preparing to cut your body so that they can install a gastric band around your stomach. How painful that would be? Sure they would inject you with a powerful painkiller or anaesthesia but still can you imagine going through that painful process?

So if you do not want to go to that extreme process and you are a teenage girl who wants to lose weight fast and safely follow the 7 paragraphs below:

  • Start drinking water (at least 2 litres a day), and do not drink during a meal.
  • Eat plenty of green foods (fruits and vegetables) these are low in calories and they contain high levels of vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Ideally you should eat 5 different types of greens a day.
  • No matter how much you love junk food these are a big NO NO!
  • Avoid ice creams, lollies, chocolate etc. avoid them for at least 5 days straight, you can have your sweets on Sunday but once a new week start they are a big NO NO! Just like junk food.
  • Start counting calories, you can use mobile apps to help you count. Ideally you want to consume 2000 calories to maintain your current weight, therefore to lose weight fast and safely it is recommended that you consume at least 1200 calorie and burn 500 in a sort of workout. Eating less than 1200 calories in dangerous for your health and it will not result in weight loss.
  • Switch regular cola to diet cola and for your morning coffee or tea use Stevia instead of sugar. Stevia is 300 sweeter than sugar but has zero calories (you can find more about Stevia by by searching this blog).
  • To burn those 500 calories mentioned earlier you should do jogging for 20 minutes or walk 10000 steps, if you choose to walk then I suggest getting a pedometer and start counting.

That is it! If you follow the above for at least 12 weeks you should lose at least 6lbs or more depending on your current weight.