how to grow taller teenage boys

You may be in a situation where all my friends are growing up faster and you are getting seriously behind. The taller you are the more attractive you look and maybe this is the reason why you are finding hard to get a girlfriend. If that is the case here are some tips that will help you to increase your height while you are still young.

Before I going to details let me first point out that your height or how much tall you will get is determined by the genes you carry, therefore if your parents are short then probably you will be short as well. Also for young adults aged 20-24 you can still grow a few inches if you follow the below tips.

If you want to get taller you must get proper nutrients for your body to start growing, therefore a good diet is required. While still young if you have a good diet rich in: proteins, calcium, zinc and Vitamin D.

  • Proteins: white poultry meat, fish, beans, soya, and lentils these will help you to grow your muscles and bones. I know how much you love simple carbohydrates such as pizza, cakes and soda but these will seriously damage in the process of getting taller. While young I really recommend you to stay away for simple carbohydrates.
  • Calcium: leafy greens, yogurt and milk these will help your bones to get stronger.
  • Zinc: This is especially good for boys and you can get these by eating oysters, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, wheat, spinach, nuts and chocolate.
  • Vitamin D: The best way to get vitamin D is to venture outside in the Sun, vitamin D is essential for skin and bones. If you live in a country where Sunshine is rare like London, there are other good sources for Vitamin D such as: fish, oysters, caviar, salami, ham, eggs and mushrooms.

After having a good diet you need to burn those calories and good way to do that is doing exercise. Most teenage boys would join a gym or a club (football, cricket, etc). Which is great while girls would be more into fashion. Nonetheless here are some good exercises that can help you to grow taller:

  • Jumping up and down
  • Jumping on a rope
  • Stretching
  • Swimming
  • weights (ankle weights)

And when the day is over make sure that you get good night sleep and the best posture is to sleep straight either on your sides or face pointing to the sealing, never sleep with your face and body facing to the bed. A good 8 to 9 hours sleep has been proven to increase height in teenagers. (for your curiosity when you are sleeping straight at night your height is at the maximum posture, therefore if your measure you height straight after sleep you will notice that you are taller than usual… hehe).

Also to note that taking drugs will affect your body to grow taller. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. Steroids are also dangerous as they will in long run get cause your impotency and decrease in breast size. So if you want to have children stay away from steroids.