Platinum Kids Quad Pack:

The combination of all four organic Platinum Kids Quad Pack products can help your child to thrive and to develop their full potential. The power of pure, plant-based protein, the essence of greens, algae, mushrooms, berries and selected herbs deliver complete nutrient density and targeted herbal support.

Platinum Kids Quad Pack’s Product Benefits:

Kids Nutrition Drink Benefits Include:

  • Organic certified, 100% non-GMO whole food nutrition
  • Helps to meet optimal veggie and fruit requirements
  • Supports optimal micronutrient levels
  • Helps maintain healthy alkalinity
  • Delivers Growth Factor to support healthy development
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • May support healthy and normal brain function and focus

Kids Protein Drink Benefits Include:

  • Loaded with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
  • Whole food based
  • 100% non-GMO
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • No sugar, gluten, grains, dairy products, soy, artificial additives
  • Delivers calm, sustained energy

Kids Focus Tincture Benefits Include:

  • Can support a calm focus
  • Does not contain stimulants
  • May help with a healthy and normal attention span
  • Can support a healthy and normal response to stress

Kids Shield Tincture Benefits Include:

  • Can support healthy immune function
  • Can be taken daily
  • No pharmaceuticals
  • No harmful side effects

Kids Protein Drink:
Ingredients: Pea Protein*, Cocoa powder*, Natural Flavor*, Thickening Agent: Guar Gum*, Amalaki Powder*, Anatto Powder (Bixa Orellana)*, Moringa oleifera Powder*, Matcha Green Tea Powder*, Spinach Powder*, Parsley Powder*, Curry Tree Leaf Powder (Murraya koenigii)*, Basil Powder (Ocimum basilicum)*, Lemon Powder*, Shiitake Mushroom Powder*.
*certified organic
Suggested use: 
Mix 1 scoop (16g) with 250ml of water, almond milk, rice milk, or another alternative milk.

Kids Nutrition Drink:
Ingredients: Apple Powder 29%*, Chlorella powder 25%*, Apple fiber powder 19%*, Cranberry Extract 11%*, Raspberry Flavour powder 6%*, Flax seed 3%*, Blueberry Powder*, Blackberry Powder*, Pomegranate Powder*, Acai Powder*, Lycii Berry Extract*, Raspberry Powder*, Strawberry Powder*, Maqui Berry Powder*, Baobab Fruit Powder*, Black Currant Powder*, Natural Flavour – 1 % each.
*certified organic
Suggested use:
Add 1 scoop (10g)  to 250ml of water. Best mixed with cold water in a shaker bottle. Can also be added to your favourite plain yogurt, almond milk or applesauce.


Kids Focus Tincture:
Ingredients: Herbal Extract (Water, Glycerine*, Eleuthero Root*, Lemon Balm Herb*, Chamomile Flower*, Passion Flower Herb*).
*certified organic
Suggested use: 
Take 2-3 times per day as needed in juice or water:
5-13 kg use 10-20 drops
14-27 kg use 20-40 drops
28-45 kg use 40-60 drops
over 45 kg use 60-90 drops
1 serving: 1ml (approx. 30 drops)

Kids Shield Tincture:
Ingredients: Herbal Extract (Water, Glycerine*, Echinacea angustifolia Root*, Echinacea purpurea Root*, Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)*, Elderberry Fruit*, Licorice Root*, Amla Fruit*, Shiitake*).
*certified organic
 Suggested use:
Take 2-3 times per day as needed in juice or water:
5-13 kg use 10-20 drops
14-27 kg use 20-40 drops
28-45 kg use 40-60 drops
over 45 kg use 60-90 drops
1 serving: 1ml (approx. 30 drops)


  • Kids Protein Drink
  • Kids Nutrition Drink
  • Kids Focus Tincture
  • Kids Shield Tincture
  • Free Kids Backpack

Keep out of the reach of children. Keep the container tightly closed. This does not serve as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Store in a cool and dry place. Contains a bag filled with a harmless absorbent that should not be consumed.

Label of Platinum Kids Quad Pack:

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