Eloise Aimee Parry - Died After Taking Online Diet Pills

Today I saw on the BBC news that a young women (student) diet after taking online diet pills. I was shocked to know that these pills had highly toxic chemicals in them!

Her name was Eloise Aimee Parry, a 21 years old student from Shrewsbury (UK). She died on the 12 April 2015 after becoming ill from online diet pills.

The police said that she purchased diet pills tablet online and these tablets were still being tested. These fake online diet pills contained high levels of dinitrophenol (also known as DNP), which is a highly toxic chemical.

There is no antidote for DNP and her mother confirmed that she took 8 pills at once!

After taking those pills her metabolism soar high and the doctors needed her to cool down, but it was an uphill battle. Too much DNP in the system meant she would not survive, plus there is no antidote for DNP.

We still do not know which website she bought those pills. I hope they publish and ban all the fake diet pills in the online market.

It is very hard to distinguish which online diet pill is legit and fully tested with FDA approval. It is very easy to fake labels and to market dangerous medications online.

My advice to you is to do regular exercise instead of taking diet pills. Pills or drugs are not the solution for weight loss. They are chemically manufactured therefore they will cause numerous long term side effects.

Taking care of you diet and doing regular exercise will never cause negative side effects. It is hard I know but it is safe and very effective with long term health benefits.

So this was my thought when I saw this news in the television 😀