Florida, the land of sun, oranges, and swamps is America’s second hottest housing market, surpassing even New York. There has been an incredible surge of over 3.1 million people flocking to the Sunshine State between 2012 and 2022, which alone is larger than the population of 17 US states. Floridian cities such as Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa have each experienced population booms that are higher than 80% in each location. Even much smaller municipalities such as Wildwood, Groveland, and Davenport have experienced their own share of this growth as well. 

There is a massive residential housing market of 3.8 billion, which is fueled by the thousands of new homeowners that are flocking to Florida. These changes are not a surprise given several changes to the state’s offerings of work, housing, and quality of life in recent years. In terms of the work environment, already 16% of Floridians work remotely, and this number is only projected to rise in the following years, adding to a strong work-life balance found throughout the state. Employment is booming throughout the state as well, making it the state with the 3rd highest rate of employment increases in the US. Currently, Florida is a land of opportunity for job seekers. 

The quality of life in Florida is enviable as well. The average daily temperatures fluctuate between a very bearable low of 57 degrees in the winter and a high of 83 degrees in the summer. There is no state income tax throughout Florida, which is a major draw for many wealthy Americans. In addition, there is a lower cost of living throughout the state compared to other attractive states such as New York and California, meaning that Floridians get more bang for their buck. There are so many financial incentives for people to move to Florida, plus a high quality of life once they arrive.

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