Tea or Coffee which is Healthier for Weight Loss

Tea or coffee which is healthier for weight loss? Today we will discuss and compare which drink is healthier for your health and for weight loss.

Millions of people drink tea and coffee in the morning, afternoon and evenings. It is the ultimate drink that starts off their working life.

But which drink is better for your health and for weight loss? Tea and coffee are different types of drink. They contain difference types of nutrients and therefore they react differently in your body.

Benefits of Tea

Tea helps to reduce stress hormones and therefore it is healthier. Plus tea is low in calories and it can be consumed several times a day. Drinking tea regularly helps to reduce weight, therefore it is a far better choice for weight loss.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee unlike tea cannot be consume several times a day. It boosts your stamina but it also causes insomnia, therefore it is not good for your health.


Tea or Coffee which is Healthier for Weight Loss?

Tea is a better drink choice for your health and for weight loss. Tea and coffee have different tastes and different type of consumers. Some prefer to drink coffee in the morning while some tea. Personally I prefer tea rather than coffee.

I have nothing against any of these drinks, they are made for different types of consumers preferences. What I am saying that drinking 1 coffee a day will not kill you but drinking too many can cause harm in your health in the long run.

Personally I prefer the taste of coffee but drinking tea is what will help my body stay fit for longer.