How to Lose Weight Faster in Cold Winter Weather

It is New Year, 2016 and it is January winter season. This is why I decided to write this article about how to lose weight faster in cold winter weather.

Its been a while since I wrote an article here; I was on holidays and it was the festive season as well. Nonetheless I am back with more enthusiasm and with more rich, unique, health related articles.

In 2015 most people followed my weight loss articles and sent me an email. So I am starting out the first post of 2016 with another weight loss article.

In UK Winter starts in December and ends in February. This year unfortunately there is no snow falling in London, but that does not mean that you cannot lose weight faster in winter times (or enjoy the winter season).

The science behind losing weight faster in cold weather relies on the body temperature. Or should I say the process that the body takes to maintain its body temperature.

Generally speaking you will burn 300 extra calorie per hour by simply standing out in cold winter weather. Although this is not recommended because there is a high risk of getting infected with flu virus.

Taking cold showers, drinking cold drinks with ice and exercising outside in cold winter weather will burn you 300 extra calories an hour depending on your current body weight. This is why many people prefer losing weight in winter.

Note there is a backlog in winter times, since it is cold outside most people tend to gain weight this season. They tend to eat more fatty food to maintain their body temperature. But if you are smart you will lose weight faster in cold winter weather!

Winter only lasts 3 months on average so take full use of it! Start burning extra calories this winter and stay healthy and fit. Follow my blog and read my old posts you will find tons of tips in how to lose weight fast.

So there you have it! How to lose weight faster in cold winter weather. I hope you enjoyed and see you next time!

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