Drop 10lbs in 12 Weeks - Swap Regular to Diet Soda

Today we will discuss how to drop 10lbs or 4.5kg in 12 weeks by simply swapping from regular to diet soda drink.

A study made in the United States regarding regular and diet drinks; in that study 2 groups were divided (one who consumed only regular cola and other so drunk diet cola for 3 months).

After 3 months or 12 weeks the volunteers who made this study possible, were asked to weight themselves and the results stun a lot of people. Those who drunk regular soda were on average 10lbs heavier than people who only consumed diet soda!

This means that by simply swapping regular to diet soda drinks you will be able to drop 10lbs without much effort.

You need to burn on average 35000 calories to lose 4.5kg!

Now you know that you can lose that much body fat by simply choosing diet soda drinks.

Another smart way to lose weight quickly is to switch from regular sugar to Stevia. Read the full article about this here – Stevia the miracle substance.

Small and simple changes like this in your diet can give you awesome results; these are the tips that you should seriously consider in order to lose weight twice as fast and without much effort.

Drinking 5 litres of water a day is also advisable for short period of time (otherwise 2/3 litres a day) to keep your body cool and hydrated. If you ask me I would recommend that you drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast, 2 before lunch and last 2 before tea time.

Drinking this much water will help you to consume less food, simply because your stomach will be half full of water. This tip alone can save you lots of calories a day!

There you have it! How to drop 10lbs in 12 weeks without exercise.