Predigested Protein Supplement

What are predigested proteins?

Predigested proteins are one of the highest quality proteins.  It is also known as hydrolyzed protein.  This is when the protein has already gone through part of the hydrolysis process.  This hydrolysis process is necessary for your body to absorb the nutrients.  So predigested proteins are actually easy for your body to digest, as well as much quicker for them to use the proteins and amino acids included in the protein.  Predigested proteins are a high quality protein that has a complete amino acid profile.  This type of protein has many benefits to it, not just for muscle builders and gym goers.

What do predigested proteins do?

Predigested proteins promote lean muscle mass.  Alongside high intensity training taking a predigested protein can grow your lean muscle faster.  There are BCAA’s in a predigested protein which help your muscles grow, strengthen, and recover more quickly.   Another benefit is they contain smaller peptides. These peptides being smaller allow them to be absorbed into the GI tract right away.  This allows your body to use these peptides instantly helping your body recover faster.  Absorption rate is approximately 10-20 minutes after consuming.  It also fights against age related muscle loss.   Super Amino 23 provides a Body Protein Synthesis per minute (BPS/min) equal to 99% absorption/ 23 min. By comparison dietary proteins and protein supplements a BPS/min of 16-32% absorption/180-360 minutes. This means that the BPS/min of dietary proteins and protein supplements is 24 to 96 times lower compared to Super Amino 23. That means it goes straight to your muscles and starts burning fat and building lean muscle…whether you work out, or not!

What are predigested protein benefits?

The powder or pills are easier on your stomach.  They are easier to digest, due to the low amount of lactose.  This low amount of lactose gives you a less chance of bloating, cramping, or diarrhea.  Predigested protein supplements also help you control your cravings.  These proteins will keep you fuller for longer.  This helps with weight management.  Since the predigested proteins control your appetite they also encourage muscle building.  This increases calorie burning.  Supplement formulations that follow the MAAP protocol work to convert fat cells to energy within 20 minutes of you consuming them.  Predigested proteins may be in certain infant formulas, or medical protein supplements for help with people who suffer from malabsorption.

There’s a myth that many people believe to be true that you need dietary protein to build muscle. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that plant protein builds muscle just as well as meat protein. Considering that meat provides some harmful health risks, like antibiotic residue, trans fats, hormones and high levels of copper or arsenic, plant protein appears to be a better option. And on top of that, there is no comparison when it comes to the antioxidants and nutrients found only in plant-based proteins.

Predigested proteins have a complete amino acid profile.  These amino acids are needed for your body.  Amino acids have been known as the building blocks of life.  They are what your body uses to build muscle.  Amino acids also have shown to boost your energy.  They can also help regulate your mood, making you happy and even fighting against depression and anxiety.  Amino acids can also help strengthen your teeth.  When the proteins are hydrolyzed it allows your body to use these amino acids immediately.  Amino acids have been shown to help improve health in people who have had recent surgery, or have undergone a physical trauma.  They can also help in treatment of people with conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Dementia, HIV/AIDS, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, or liver disease.

Pre-digested proteins have less side effects with the same amount of protein as other protein powders.  This is because it is easier to digest as well as contains less lactose.  With the ultra-pure high protein that predigested protein holds makes it less allergenic.  We all need proteins, so if you have trouble digesting other forms of protein, then hydrolyzed or predigested proteins may help you in digesting and absorbing the benefits of a high quality protein.  Most proteins that come from animal sources achieve no more than 45-50% NNU meaning that any excess of protein puts an incredible load on the lymphatic system.

Predigested proteins are ultra-pure high quality proteins.  Since they have been broken down already they are easier to digest and absorb allowing your body to have benefits from it almost immediately.  It is the less allergenic source of protein and since it is so easily digestible is even used in some hypoallergenic infant formulas.  It can help you build muscle while losing weight at the same time.

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