The journey of a drug through the pharmaceutical supply chain is a complex and crucial process that ensures safe and effective medicines reach patients worldwide. Beginning with research and development, where new drugs are discovered and tested, the journey progresses through rigorous regulatory approval processes to guarantee efficacy and safety. Manufacturing follows, where drugs are produced in bulk under stringent quality control measures. Distribution logistics play a pivotal role, ensuring timely delivery to wholesalers, pharmacies, and hospitals across global networks. Alongside, storage conditions are meticulously monitored to maintain product integrity. Finally, pharmacists dispense medications to patients, providing crucial information on usage and potential side effects. Throughout this journey, stringent regulations, technological advancements, and global collaboration ensure that pharmaceuticals meet high standards and positively impact public health worldwide. This intricate process underscores the critical importance of each stage in delivering safe and effective treatments to those in need.


Infographic provided by Netcorp, a provider of trucking services

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