Schizophrenia is a rare mental disorder it affects 1 percent of global population and it is linked to vitamin B3 niacin and vitamin D.

People with vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin D deficiency can suffer from schizophrenia. Not everybody but some can suffer from this disorder.

It has been found people living in isolation will suffer from the above vitamin deficiencies which can lead to schizophrenia. There are many prescriptions to treat this mental illness but it can also be done by simply doing regular exercise and maintaining a good healthy diet.


Schizophrenia and Vitamins B3 Niacin and Vitamin D

It takes time to recover from schizophrenia, therefore it is recommended that you do regular blood check-ups to check your vitamin deficiency in your blood.

Medication will treat schizophrenia but it will also cause some negative side effects. Generally speaking a deficiency, it vitamin D will lead to weight gain and depression.

Therefore, it is recommended that you take daily walks for at least 1 hours a day to get sufficient vitamin D on daily bases. Niacin are found on wholemeal such as cereals and bread.

You can also take vitamin D and vitamin B3 supplements, have a chat with your doctor first. Niacin supplements will cause a slight flush, meaning you will sense a burning sensation after taking the supplement.

Lastly, I want to highlight that there are many diseases, including mental health that can be treated with diet, nutrition and exercise.







  1. can potassium cure schizophrenia

    1. Author

      We cannot give you specific medical advise. Here are two resources that reference about the links between potassium and schizophrenia.

      Article from the National Institutes of Healthy May 2009 Linking potassium cell flow to schizophrenia.

      Here is a link to an article April 2022 that showed schizophrenia improvement when targeting potassium channels in the brain.

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