Put an Onion in Your Ear Overnight and Cure Earache

Onions have been used in Chinese medicine for numerous reasons; today we will discuss how putting an onion heart in your ear overnight can cure earache.

Onions are great for adding flavour to your dishes but they can also be used for medicinal purposes. Eating onions can help to fight fevers, cold and flu like symptoms. This is why many health specialist recommend that you eat onions when you are sick.

If you have a painful earache you can place an onion heart in your ear and leave it overnight to treat a cure earache. This ancient Chinese medicine works because onions softens the wax built up which makes it easier to remove it. You will feel much better when you wake up in the morning.

You can also place an onion slice under your feet to kill foot germs, fungus and bacteria. Placing an onion slide under your feet will also help to pin point numerous nerve ending to get access to your internal organs. I have wrote a detailed article about this you can read it here, it is titled – Benefits of Placing a Slice of Onion in Your Feet.

Natural and organic medicine has been used in ancient times when medical science was not as advance as nowadays; but still people found ways to treat and managed their symptoms. And this can still be done nowadays. The biggest advantage of organic medicine is that it used all natural ingredients to treat health problems (unlike drugs).

Drugs are great to manage symptoms but they also cause numerous side effects this is why many people prefer organic medicine. Because unlike drugs these do not cause negative side effects, it used food as a source of vitamins and nutrients to treat, cure and manage symptoms.

So there you have it! Place an onion in your ear overnight and cure earache naturally in just 1 day!