Dental problems are irritating, and situations may arise where you may need emergency dental treatment. This situation can be a broken tooth or broken jaw or other dental problems. But seeking immediate dental treatment becomes necessary for such emergency dental problems.   There are many emergency dental problems where youContinue Reading

People aged 50 plus loses hair due to stress symptoms, many lose hair in their teens. Gel, shampoos and conditioners could be the source of this issue. Vitamin D and vitamin E is what you should crave for, Eat coconuts do daily bases. And avoid hair lotions. There are otherContinue Reading

Many Schizophrenia patients have a history of depression or bipolar. Delusions, Hypnotherapy and whatever causes Schizophrenia. There are many psychotic medications and they do cause negative side effects. Insomnia, weight gain and increase in prolactin levels. Irritability and maniac affects. It is still not proven that psychosis can be curedContinue Reading