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Dental problems are irritating, and situations may arise where you may need emergency dental treatment. This situation can be a broken tooth or broken jaw or other dental problems. But seeking immediate dental treatment becomes necessary for such emergency dental problems.   There are many emergency dental problems where youContinue Reading

People aged 50 plus loses hair due to stress symptoms, many lose hair in their teens. Gel, shampoos and conditioners could be the source of this issue. Vitamin D and vitamin E is what you should crave for, Eat coconuts do daily bases. And avoid hair lotions. There are otherContinue Reading

Many Schizophrenia patients have a history of depression or bipolar. Delusions, Hypnotherapy and whatever causes Schizophrenia. There are many psychotic medications and they do cause negative side effects. Insomnia, weight gain and increase in prolactin levels. Irritability and maniac affects. It is still not proven that psychosis can be curedContinue Reading

Schizophrenia and Vitamins B3 Niacin and Vitamin D

Schizophrenia is a rare mental disorder it affects 1 percent of global population and it is linked to vitamin B3 niacin and vitamin D. People with vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin D deficiency can suffer from schizophrenia. Not everybody but some can suffer from this disorder. It has been foundContinue Reading

Natural Alternatives for Ketamine to Treat Depression

Everyone suffers from depression at least once in their lifetime. Today we will discuss natural food sources to treat depression (Ketamine alternatives). As you know Ketamine is a popular drug prescribed by several health specialists to treat symptoms of depression. These drugs are massively tested before being prescribed for theContinue Reading

Treat and Cure Coughing with Honey and Turmeric

Dry or wet cough can be cured without medical medicine, today we will discuss how to treat and cure any kind of coughing with honey and turmeric. After long winter coughing is a common symptoms among many men, women and children. You certainly do not need to take medication isContinue Reading

How to Whiten Teeth at Home with Baking Soda

A lot of people ask me this question how to get whiter teeth naturally at home. Today we will discuss ways to get your teeth whiten at home with baking soda. Ever wonder why many models have whiter teeth and a great smile? The reason why they are so successfulContinue Reading