The COVID-19 pandemic is an issue that was and is inescapable for anyone in the U.S. For many this meant a few days of sickness, some short-term symptoms, and maybe some longer-term issues. For some though, this meant a life threatening disease and stress on a system that couldn’t takeContinue Reading

Reye’s syndrome is an extremely rare condition  It has fewer than 1,000 cases per year  Heightened awareness of what can cause this disease has helped keep this a rare condition  Reye’s syndrome is extremely serious and can be lifeContinue Reading

Depression among the elderly while common is not a normal age-related thing  Often times signs of depression for those over 65 years old are brushed off and called “normal aging” however, depression at any age is not normal and isContinue Reading

DiGeorge syndrome also known as 22q112 syndrome is a genetic disorder where the chromosome 22 is missing  22q112 syndrome covers conditions that were once thought to be separate such as DiGeorge syndrome, and Velocardiofacial syndrome  ThisContinue Reading

We have a “common cold” running through our family right now  Here is the deal just when one person finally starts to feel better it hits the next member of the family  So one small simple cold ends up being a battle that is fought forContinue Reading

The US number for digestive issues is staggering  According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases 60 to 70 million Americans are affected by digestive issues  And this is just in one country  The United StatesContinue Reading