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Around 13 percent of people in the US experience bloating. Frequent bloating is often caused by diet. The stomach becomes swollen and uncomfortable after eating. Though it is not often an indication of a serious medical problem, it can still lead to pain and discomfort.Continue Reading

Speech and language are two different things  Speech is the verbal expression, the way we form sounds and words  While language is being able to understand and being understood through communication  This could be done verbally, nonverbally, orContinue Reading

A fever is when your body temperature rises above 1004 degrees Fahrenheit  A normal adult’s body temperature can range anywhere from 97-99 degrees Fahrenheit  Where a child’s normal body temperature can be slightly higher ranging from 98-100Continue Reading

The innate immune system is able to identify foreign invaders and immediately respond to them. This system is important in order to protect the body from harmful substances. The response to an infection triggers the arrival of cells called neutrophils, which attack the infection, followed by macrophages that attack bacteriaContinue Reading