New marketing strategies are emerging each year, and staying ahead of the curve is important to ensure that businesses stay relevant in their customers’ minds. Generative AI is the newest groundbreaking advancement in marketing strategy, and the technology is reinventing the way marketers engage with their audiences.Continue Reading


When you have type 2 diabetes, practicing healthy lifestyle habits is essential to balancing your blood sugar (glucose) levels and preventing dramatic spikes and falls. Eating well also helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, which comes with a reduced risk of experiencing complications from diabetes, including heart disease.Continue Reading

When booking a cruise for the first time you may not know if you are troubled with seasickness until you are on the boat  Seasickness is a type of motion sickness  It is caused by the inner ear sending different signals to your brain than whatContinue Reading

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Cannabis plants contain more than one hundred various cannabinoids, of which CBD is one. It’s also the second major active compound besides THC. People are becoming more intrigued by the distinctions between Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol. A sizable number of people mix these two substances together in order to gain theContinue Reading

By the age of 2 your child should know at least 50 vocabulary words or more  They should also be able to make animal noises on command  Two word phrases will come into their speech as well  Pronouns such as mine will start being used  Words mayContinue Reading

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Boasting the ability to boost your immune system, protect you from inflammation, keep you young, and even combat cancer cells, Turkey Tail is one of the few mushrooms that carry tens of benefits. This unusual fungi, however, is relatively new, and very few people understand how it delivers all its benefits.Continue Reading

While specific foods and supplements can’t treat or reverse thyroid disease, eating a healthy, thyroid-friendly diet can support your thyroid function, help you maintain or lose weight, and may even help reduce some of your symptoms like fatigue, constipation, and slow metabolism.Continue Reading

Some parents feel like when their child gets out of the toddler phase life gets a little easier  Parents may hope that when their child hits three it should all start to be a little less work  That isn’t always the case  Three year old’sContinue Reading