How To Lose 200g of Fat Everyday and Never Regain Back

If you want to lose 200 grams a day or 6kg a month read this article, we will guide you in how to lose weight and lose pounds without regaining it back, Guaranteed!

To burn fat you must follow simple guidelines, these guidelines are very easy to follow and if you stick with it you will lose weight fast and never regain body again ever again.

There are many diet programs in them market but the number one problem with diet plans is that once you lose weight it is very hard to maintain that weight. This is why you should do regular exercise to maintain that body weight.

My number 1 tip to lose weight fast and to never regain it back is to count your calories intake and keep it below your calories required. A good rule of thumb is men should consume less than 2000 calories and if you are a woman consume less than 1800 calories a day in order to lose weight fast.

Calorie count varies from person to person, the above numbers are general guidelines. But to truly calculate your daily calorie count in order to lose weight you must find out your BMR or basal metabolic rate. This number will tell you the minimum calories required for your body to survive for 1 day (blood circulation, breathing, etc). This number will vary from your age, height and current weight. This is the best online BMR calculator.

My advice is to never exceed your BMR and burn at least 300 calories in a form of exercise. And this can come from walking, running or even jumping. You do not need to go to the gym for doing regular exercise. Cardio exercise is the best exercise in my opinion as it boost metabolism and strengthens the muscles and provides stamina.

By simply walking 10000 steps a day you can burn up to 661 calories, depending on your current weight, height and age. Here is a great calories burned calculator with loads of activities.  I have written a detailed article about this titled Walk 10000 Steps a Day and burn 661 Calories

Regarding which diet to follow, I have also written an article where I share my personal weight loss plan and lost 30kg in just 6 months you can read that article too by clicking the following titled – How I Lost 30Kg in 6 Months the Best Diet Plan Ever

That is it! If you follow all the above guidelines you will lose 200 grams a day, every day without regaining it back!