How I Lost 6kg in 2 Weeks - My Weight Loss Diet PlanMy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Today I will share with you my weight loss plan journey where I managed to lose 6kg in just 2 weeks. I will tell you all the exact steps I did to lose 10 pounds in just a couple of weeks.

Back in 2012 I used to be 108kg and I desperately wanted to lose weight. I was unemployed at the time and could not afford a gym membership (even if I did I am sure that it would be a waste of money, simply because I was too lazy to go). Anyways so I decided to lose 30kgs in just 6 months and did I managed to lose it? YES baby!!! And here is what I did it:

I wanted to lose weight and I knew that the best way to lost weight is to count your daily calories intake. I am a strict vegetarian (grown up in an Indian family). So I calculated my average daily calories intake which are: 3 chapattis, dal, vegetables, rice and crisps at lunch and dinner. And for breakfast: coffee or tea, 2 toasts, 3 Weetabix and some biscuits. Which I counted using a calculator and I find out that I was consuming on an average 2400 calories a day.

Before I was obese I used to read lots of stories of people who lost weight, I used to browse the web and read people blog where they shared their experiences and their journey to weight loss. And what I found is that most of them where talking about BMR or basal metabolic rate which is a number that indicates what is the minimum amount of energy or calories that the body requires to survive for 1 day (breathing and blood circulation).

So I decided to browse my android phone for apps (BMR calculator) and I found one where I need to type my current weight, age and height I found out that my BMR is 1800 calories. Bingo!

Now all I have to do to lose weight is to eat less than my BMR indicator. So I decided to do the following:

My Weight Loss Diet Plan to Lose 6kg in 2 Weeks

  • In the morning I will have a healthy breakfast to quick start my body metabolism with 3 Weetabix biscuits with warm semi skimmed milk, coffee, 2 toasts and 1 banana. Which are in total 800 calories.
  • For lunch I will just drink 4.5 litres of water and maybe 1 banana. Which in total are only 100 calories.
  • And finally for dinner I will eat my regular 3 chapattis, dal, vegetables but not rice. These are in total 700 calories.

So it means I will be eating in total 1600 calories. And if I feel hungry I will just eat 1 more banana or a toast without butter. This means I will never exceed my BMR calorie count.

Drinking 4.5 litres of water made me urinate a lot but it also helped me to lose weight, simply because at noon my stomach was feeling fill up. And whenever I felt really hungry I just eat a banana or a toast.

That was it! By simply following the above diet plan I managed to lose 6kg or 10 pounds in just 2 weeks!  But you know what, I felt terrible.  My energy was awful, I was hard to get along with, and while I was tired, I could not sleep well.

Then I Discovered a Much Better and Healthier Plan

While my plan was low on calories, it was also very low on nutritional value.   I knew I needed to find a better way to lose the rest of the weight.   This is when I discovered the Platinum Health 1o Day Transformation!

  • Following this nutrient dense, low calorie system I lost 6kg in 10 days and felt much better than my made up diet.
  • It was much easier, nothing to prepare, just a couple of scoops into a shaker bottle twice a day and two meals were taken care of.
  • I could eat much more at my dinner, and still honor all my ethnic diet restrictions.
  • My energy level was a lot better, and I was sleeping better too.

So instead of following some made up plan I created myself, when it comes to losing weight the experts at Platinum Health have a proven system that has helped over 100,000 people to lose weight and reset their system.   I highly recommend their products and continue to use them today.