Taking any type of hormonal birth control can cause a change in your body when you start or stop taking it.  There are lots of different types of hormonal birth control from the pill, IUDs, implant, patch, injection, and ring.  All of which are given to help regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent ovulation. 

How anyone reacts to these types of birth control options is completely dependent on the person.  No two people will react the same.  Some people when coming off of birth control will have little to no side effects, while other people may have a whole bunch that come back with a vengeance.  


Benefits of Hormonal Birth Control

Someone may be taking birth control to help with a condition.  These conditions that birth control can help alleviate symptoms of are PMS, irregular periods, menstrual cramps, acne, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, and ovarian cysts.  If you have one of these conditions and were taking birth control to stop or alleviate symptoms, when you stop the form of birth control you were using your symptoms may come back.  


Is it safe to stop hormonal birth control?

Stopping birth control is usually fine for anyone to decide to do on their own.  Getting an IUD  or implant taken out is a medical procedure that would need to be done by your doctor.  Otherwise you can stop taking the pill or using the patch whenever you so choose. 


Why should I stop my hormonal birth control?

Reasons you would stop taking hormonal birth control could be switching methods of birth control, being wary of long term or short term effects of birth control, experiencing unpleasant side effects, trying to get pregnant, or the cost.  Stopping birth control is safe, but it can cause some side effects.


Side Effects Of Stopping Hormonal Birth Control:


One of the side effects is you could become pregnant.  This to some is a no brainer, but can be shocking at how quickly you can become pregnant after stopping your birth control.  Within a few days all the hormones from the birth control will be out of your body.  When there is no more birth control there is no stopping ovulation, or stopping pregnancy. 

Some people never get their period back because they conceive too quickly after stopping their birth control.  Usually for most people even if your period doesn’t come back normally ovulation will resume within a month or two of stopping birth control. Being on birth control for a long duration does not affect your fertility.  

Hormonal Fluctuations

After you stop your hormonal birth control do not be alarmed when your hormones start to fluctuate.  Your body is trying to get your natural hormones rebalanced without the help of birth control.  This can lead to a lot of different side effects. 

Irregular Cycle

Your cycle may be very irregular at the start even if you were completely regular before being on birth control.  Make sure you track your period, if it is still irregular after 3 months you may want to speak with your doctor. 

Heavier Longer Periods

Your periods may be heavier and crampy after stopping birth control.  They also may be longer than you are used to.  This can be true when you are on birth control that you end up not having periods while taking.  The aftermath of stopping your birth control can be longer heavier periods.  If you had heavy periods before birth control they most likely will come back. 


PMS symptoms may also appear or reappear.  This could be tender breasts, moodier, or acne.  If you suffer from headaches while on birth control they are most likely going to go away when you stop. 

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If you suffered from menstrual migraines before you started taking birth control they are most likely going to come back.  


Even if you gained weight while taking the pill you may not magically lose weight when you stop.  Some people will shed a few pounds when stopping birth control.  But losing weight should not be a reason to stop your birth control, because it may not be a substantial amount of weight loss.  If you want to lose weight a more effective way may be a better diet and regular exercise.  





Acne may come back if you had it before you took birth control. 

Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair is a common side effect of PCOS.  If you have PCOS and go off your birth control dark hairs on your face and body may start reappearing. 

Hair Loss

Hair loss can also be caused by fluctuating hormones.  Stopping birth control can cause your hair to start to shed more than normal. 

Blood Pressure

In some cases your blood pressure may lower.  In birth controls that contain estrogen some people have a slight increase in blood pressure.  It may never have been enough to raise red flags, but a slight decline may be normal. 

Vitamin D

Another side effect of stopping hormonal birth control is a drop in vitamin D levels.  This can be important especially if you are trying to become pregnant.  Vitamin D is essential in fetal skeletal formation. 



It is safe to stop your birth control whenever you so choose.  It can cause a few side effects as your body rebalances its natural hormones.  It is important to know that you can become pregnant after stopping birth control much sooner than you may think.  You do not have to have a period back to ovulate, which can lead to pregnancy. 

Talk with your doctor if you want to switch birth control methods or if you have concerns of side effects before you stop your birth control.  




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