Lose 10 Pounds a Week - Japanese Morning Banana Diet

Eat a banana every morning and lose weight (about 10 pounds a week) with the Japanese Morning Banana Diet by Hitoshi Watanabe who is an author the famous banana diet book.

The concept is very simple all you need to do is to eat as many bananas as you can in early morning with warm water and you will lose weight.

Eat 1 Banana a Day and Lose Weight Fast at Home

Hitoshi Watanabe wanted to lose weight and fast with so many unsuccessful attempts he finally stumbles across this banana diet and the results are astonishing! What Watanabe and Sumiko (his pharmaceutical partner) found is that eating bananas in the morning with warm water forces the body to stimulate the weight loss process.

By drinking a glass of warm water along bananas in the earlier part of the morning will quick start your body metabolism and if you still feel hungry after just eating a banana wait 20 minutes and eat another banana. It is that simple!

In Watanabe book is says that you should not consume milk or alcohol while on this banana diet regime and your last meal should be at 8pm.

You can eat anything at lunch and at dinner and even between these meals such as fruits or snacks and you will lose weight according to Watanabe study.

What makes the banana diet so special?

  • It is super healthy
  • Bananas are natural rich in fibre and potassium
  • It boost body metabolism
  • And bananas are cheap and widely available in the shops


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