Picking out clothing that makes you feel good is always a great thing.  Some people like to wear tight fitted clothing.  The main clothes that come tight-fitted are articles like jeans, workout leggings, skinny jeans, belts, bras, sports bras, shapewear, pantyhose, or corset style tops.  Usually it is not harmful for you to wear what clothing makes you feel good.  Wearing clothing that is too tight may have negative health effects. 

Signs your clothing is too tight are red marks, pressure marks, skin irritation, numbness, tingling, difficulty breathing, or restricted movement.  

One condition that can arise from you wearing too tight of clothing is tight pants syndrome.  Which also goes by the anime of meralgia paresthetica.  It is not a made up condition.  Tight pants syndrome is caused by wearing too tight of pants that end up compressing the nerve that runs from the base of the spine down the legs.  This usually only affects one side of the body.  You can have a few different symptoms from tight pants syndrome.  You could experience aching in your groin.  Another symptom is having burning, tingling, or numbness on the outer thigh.  You could have pain in the outer thigh that radiates down to your knee.  In some cases you could be sensitive to a light touch in the affected area.  Usually tight pants syndrome is easily treated with wearing less fitted clothing.  Wearing clothing that is loser can help the nerve decompress on its own.  If you are overweight, losing some of the extra weight can also help alleviate symptoms.  In severe cases you may need to have a corticosteroid shot in the compressed nerve or undergo surgery to decompress the nerve.  

Tight clothing can also cause gastrointestinal troubles.  Tight pants can put added stress on your stomach and intestines which can hinder digestion.  The tight clothing doesn’t allow your stomach and intestines to move around as they should when they are pushing food through the digestive process.  Tight pants and tight neckties have been shown to worsen acid reflux and heartburn.  If you have a condition like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD, tight clothing can worsen these conditions.  Wearing tight clothing or shapewear to a dinner can cause you to put extra stress on your stomach if you have any bloating.  If you must wear tight clothing or shapewear to a dinner, eat small, non fatty foods to help with bloating, and overall digestion.  

If you are a woman who wears tight underwear, or tight leggings a lot, you are at a higher risk of developing yeast infections.  Tight clothing is usually less breathable.  Another cause of yeast infections is wearing workout clothing, sweating in them, and then not changing out of them after working out.  This leaves you feeling damp where your skin can not breathe, which is ideal for yeast infections to occur. 

Finding a bra that fits and doesn’t cut in or cause discomfort can be hard.  Wearing bras that are too tight for too many hours in the day can raise your risk of breast cancer.  Some studies have found a link between ill fitting bras and the higher risk of breast cancer, this does not mean the bras you are buying are causing you cancer.  A poor fitting bra can also cause chaffing, irritation, and neck, shoulder, or chest pain.  

Tight clothing can cut off your circulation.  Back in the day when corsets were part of normal fashion, it was not unheard of for someone’s corset to be too tight that they pass out.  Even though corsets are not part of everyday fashion, wearing a shirt that is too tight can have the same effect.  Too tight of shirts can restrict breathing, which doesn’t allow the lungs to get the full amount of air needed, which in the end can result in you fainting or passing out.  Men who wear too tight of neckties can cut off some of the circulation to the brain.  This decrease in circulation can raise the risk of a stroke.  

Shoes can be the most painful part of an outfit, but really complete a look.  Some people may say that it’s fashion not comfort.  Too tight of shoes can cause a whole number of health problems to your feet.  They can cause pain, blisters, calluses, ingrown toenails, and toe deformities.  Bunions are painful large bumps that occur when bone or tissue bulges out from the side of the big toe.  Another foot ailment caused by too tight of shoes is crossover toe.  This is when your second or third toe starts to cross over the top of the other toes because you are trying to squish your feet into too tight of shoes.  The main culprit for crossover toe are pointed shoes.  Hammer toe is caused from wearing shoes that are too small almost constantly.  The toes being bent all the time doesn’t allow the muscles of the toes to lay flat anymore, which results in the toes being bent all the time.  

Wearing fabrics that are too close to the skin can cause skin irritation.  Fabrics that are breathable or tight on the skin can worsen eczema, psoriasis, or other skin rashes you may be prone to.  Tight leggings can cause hair follicles on the legs to become infected.  

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