With remote work on the rise due to the pandemic, an increased feeling of loneliness and isolation has risen among employees who work from home. By 2025, it is estimated that around 32.6 million Americans will work a remote position, sparking an uptick in lonely employees. Tavern, a community coworking system is designed to bring together remote workers, emphasizing social and professional connections. 

Traditional coworking spaces are often criticized for their high costs and disregard for member wellbeing. Previous members have stated that the environments these traditional methods curate are uninspiring and lonely. In contrast, Tavern prioritizes genuine human connection, placing it at the forefront of every operational decision the company makes.

Tavern provides members a space where people from any company can interact, fostering new and sincere relationships. These interactions strengthen connections and help cultivate a positive work environment that inspires creativity and success. Tavern also offers customers a less expensive membership fee starting at just $30 a month, ¼ the price of its competitors. They set meeting locations in underutilized spaces such as restaurants, bars, and hotels, which decreases the price for members and helps the locations generate revenue. This approach not only reduces expenses but also promotes sustainability, proving that coworking spaces don’t need to be pricey to be an effective source for remote workers. 

In the end, Taverns’ top priority is to create an environment where home employees from any company can build relationships and continue to feel connected in a world gone remote. Through its commitment to affordability, sustainability, and connectivity, Tavern emerges as a step in the right direction of what coworking means in the years to come. As the remote workforce continues to expand, Tavern’s mission to combat isolation and nurture community spirit solidifies them as the future of coworking. 

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