There are many different herbs that are on the market that are beneficial for male fertility. Ginger has been shown to support male fertility as it can help reinforce cells and also move male contraceptive capacities. Onion juice is also another herb that can help with male fertility as itContinue Reading

There are many herbs that have long been used for their health benefits, but have also been shown by research to possess antiviral properties. One is cat’s claw, which has been demonstrated to work against the herpes virus. The North American herb echinacea shows antiviral activity against the common cold,Continue Reading

There are many different benefits that come from the Astragalus plant. For example, it can help our immune system because it increases macrophage activity which are immune cells that remove pathogens from our body. Astragalus also might play a role in helping our heart health because it has properties thatContinue Reading


Adaptogens are a collection of mushrooms and herbs that support the body and mind against daily stressors. They help to give you a good night’s sleep which will aid in the body’s biological repair process. Adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs help create a healthy calm body by regulating a person’s cortisolContinue Reading