Cacao Mint Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in nature. It is a rich source of chlorophyll, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Platinum has combined it with cacoa, carob and mint to give it a unique and delicious flavor. Spirulina is Nature’s Richest Food SourceContinue Reading

Platinum Complex Moisturizer delivers Hyaluronic Acid and a high concentration of synergistically combined vitamins and natural extracts.  Platinum Complex Moisturizer can help to protect and nourish skin and may help in rebuilding collagen and elastin. It provides SPF 15 protection. Compared to any other cream, our Complex Moisturizing provides theContinue Reading

Kids Shield Tincture is a synergistic herbal blend with elderberry, astragalus and licorice that can be added to water or juice. HEALTH HERO Organic Herbal Extract Blend with Echinacea Root, Astragalus, Elderberry Fruit, Licorice Root, Amla Fruit and Shiitake for Kids Weighing 5 kgs and Up. It is Platinum‘s all-natural,Continue Reading

Platinum L.O.V.E. Super Meal, 1260 g, Organic Platinum L.O.V.E. Super Meal is a convenient way to pack more nutrition into your diet? With 34 certified organic foods and one billion probiotics in every serving, our Organic Super Meal Powder is as convenient as it gets. Simply stir some into yourContinue Reading

Platinum L.O.V.E. Super Meal, 420 g, Organic Platinum L.O.V.E. Super Meal is composed of 35 pure, premium, natural, whole food ingredients. It contains 12 green foods, 10 vegetables, 9 sprouts, and 4 mushrooms – and only 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar. It can be considered 7 products in 1:Continue Reading

Hippokrates Power Organic unites the power of greens, veggies, grasses, algae, sprouts, seeds and healthy fiber, including Beta-glucans, in ideal synergy. A Green Superfoods Drink that tastes delicious! The power of grasses, algae and precious seeds The new gluten-free Platinum Hippocrates Power Organic composition of the popular platinum product nowContinue Reading

Platinum Control 180 Capsules is specifically designed to help you normalize your satiety response and appetite. May help to normalize cravings Can support healthy and normal satiety response Can help slow the absorption of processed carbohydrates May support normal and healthy blood sugar levels Can help optimize your healthy fiberContinue Reading

Nanohydrid Capsules from Platinum is made from silica minerals in a potassium base. Upon contact with water it releases a stream of free negatively charged electrons that can help to supply the body with strong instant antioxidant potential and alkalinizing potential. Every capsule releases millions of free electrons. Negatively chargedContinue Reading

Advanced Probiotic Blend is a potent blend of different strains of friendly bacteria, “spore”-biotics and prebiotics. We recommend using Advanced Probiotic Blend in conjunction with any of our green food products and super fruit products to support a healthy immune response and optimal gut health. It also combines and synergizesContinue Reading

Platinum Daily Max is a combination of the three base products to make sure you meet your daily nutrition needs in a healthy way. Master Amino Acid Pattern® (MAP): is a blend of the eight essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks for body proteins. Body proteins areContinue Reading

Platinum Can’t Beet This pre-workout drink can help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to fuel workouts and keep endurance strong. Can’t Beet This! is filled with natural adaptogenic herbs and plants to support healthy energy levels. Great tasting Passionfruit and Guava flavor. Support your physical performance naturally with an organicContinue Reading

Platinum Astaxanthin is the powerful red pigment from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis. It belongs to the carotene family. The algae uses the astaxanthin pigment to protect itself against inhospitable environmental conditions such as extreme cold or intense sunlight. How does Astaxanthin work? Astaxanthin Capsules are an antioxidant. This effect might protectContinue Reading

Platinum Gut Harmony Platinum Gut Harmony Capsules are healthy microbiome in your gut is one of the most important pillars for the health of your whole body. It is a prerequisite for healthy detoxification functions, healthy and normal immune functions and optimal digestion and vitality absorption. Gut harmony contains aContinue Reading

MAP Tablets consists of 100% of the patented amino acid combination MAP (master amino acid pattern). MAP Tablets was discovered after 23 years of intensive research in nature. MAP  is the optimally matched composition of the essential amino acids for human nutrition. Amino acids are the basic building blocks ofContinue Reading

Platinum Best of Fruits, 135 g, Organic: Platinum Best of Fruits contains an impressive variety of nutrient-dense, very low glycemic fruit with deep dark red, purple, blue and orange plant pigments and phytonutrients to support total body nutrition. What does “organic” mean? The term “organic” refers to the way agriculturalContinue Reading

The Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera Multiplied by 40! Among all desert plants, aloe vera plays the most important role in terms of its ingredients, which is why it has traditionally been used for nutritional purposes for a long time.  Platinum Aloe Vera Concentrate provides polysaccharides and many other valuableContinue Reading

Platinum Spirulina Powder, 454 g Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that grows in alkaline water and is commonly cultivated and harvested from open-air freshwater pools. It is an edible one-celled form of algae that contains iron and it has been growing on earth for over 3.5 billion years.Continue Reading

Platinum Organic Best of Greens is a synergistic blend of green superfoods from both land and sea. Each ingredient contains valuable phytonutrients and was selected for its purity and potency. Leverage the green power of grasses, leafy greens, green herbs, microalgae, sea vegetables, cruciferous vegetables and sprouts for optimal nutritionContinue Reading