hair loss in women

Hair loss can be quite startling if you start to notice more hair on your hairbrush, or on the floor of the shower  Hair loss can be temporary or permanent  Hair loss affects both men and women  There are lots of things that can cause you to haveContinue Reading

Inflammation in the body is somewhat in your control  Inflammation is the body’s natural response to the immune system  It is part of the process of healing, by helping the body fight illness and protect the body from harm  Chronic inflammationContinue Reading

Proteins are busy molecules. They are involved with almost every biological function in the human body. Protein makes up the cell walls of our organs, skin, bones, muscles, blood and tissue, giving support and structure to those vital elements. Protein provides the energy for our metabolism and the building ofContinue Reading

When you think about protein shakes, you probably picture huge bodybuilders. But protein shakes can be beneficial to everyone; men and women included. When combined with a diet full of lean protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and healthy carbs, protein shakes can help you gain greater results for a wide rangeContinue Reading