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You have probably consumed a huge amount of eggs throughout your lifetime (an estimate of 279 eggs per annum, suggested by the American Egg Board) thus, you most likely consider yourself an expert on them. But do you? There are some straightforward facts about eggs. For instance, these foods areContinue Reading

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Spirulina is one of nature’s most complete foods. A treasure of nutrients and a tremendous source of proteins and powerful antioxidants, it is rich in vitamins, fatty acids & minerals – a true gift of nature. Spirulina boosts our immune system thanks to its antioxidants, specifically, the phycocyanin that helpsContinue Reading

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You may be wondering what defines true expertise in nutrition. Perhaps you have heard the terms “nutritionist” and “dietitian” and are confused by what they mean. This article reviews the differences between dietitians and nutritionists, what they do, and the education required. Continue Reading


Grains have long been acknowledged to be a fundamental sustenance for people, receiving the title of the “staff of life” thousands of years ago. Whole grain foods are now highly regarded for providing fiber, trace minerals, certain vitamins and beneficial plant chemicals not found in fortified or enriched grains. ItContinue Reading