Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Tropical

Dragons according to legends are typically brightly colored with green scales and can breathe fire. Dragon fruit get their name from their tough, green scales that resemble those of a mythical dragon. Are there any benefits to having a scaly appearance? Is dragon fruit good for you and should you be eatingContinue Reading

The average human attention span is now 8 seconds. Why is it so hard to focus in today’s climate? The truth is that our environment has become the enemy. Digital distractions like marketing messages and phone notifications run rampant. On average, an office worker is interrupted every 11 minutes. WhenContinue Reading

Humans are a species that has had as few as 10,000 people survive at times. It is pretty amazing then that in November of 2022, 8 billion people were officially on the planet. It’s a number so big that it’s almost impossible to visualize. Countries like China and India holdContinue Reading

Craniosynostosis is a birth defect that causes the bones in the skull to grow together too early  This can affect the brain growth, and the shape of the skull as a child grows  The skull can become misshapen due to the brain still growing andContinue Reading

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The color purple often symbolizes royalty and magic. Lately, purple vegetables have been appearing more frequently. You may have seen different shades of purple in your local grocery store or farmer’s market – from a vibrant purple cauliflower to the darker skins of purple potatoes. Although these vegetables are brightly colored,Continue Reading