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Powerball Signature Pro Gyroscope

Powerball is a powerful and popular gyroscope, an exercise tool that strengthen your muscles, fingers and wrist areas. It is more than a toy and today we are going to reveal the benefits of using a Powerball Signature Pro. There are many Powerball variations and models but the best oneContinue Reading

6 Best Ways to Recover From Heavy Workouts

Today we are going to discuss best recovery techniques so you can go far in your workout trainings. The methods shared in this article will help to reach even further and stronger in each of your workouts trainings. Avoid overload Muscle soreness is a symptom of exercise overload, if youContinue Reading

Fitness Workout Exercise Training For Over 60s

Today we are going to discuss about fitness workout exercise training for over 60s. Over sixties men and women face different challenges vs men and women in their mid or early 30s. As we age our body metabolism slows down and this creates many drastic changes in our physical behaviour.Continue Reading

Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill Review

I have bought Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill this Christmas from Amazon and decided to write a review about his awesome products. I already open and tested my Christmas gift and it is the best fitness equipment I ever bought so far! If you have read my earlier blogpostContinue Reading

6 Surprising Ways to Burn Calories at Home

Not everyone can afford a gym membership, today we are going to reveal 6 surprising ways to burn calories at home. These simply yet effective exercises (you do not even realize that these are exercises) will definitely help you to lose weight fast! We are calculating calories burn based onContinue Reading

walk 10000 steps pedometer

Walking is the best cardio exercise and studies show that walking 10000 steps a day burns up to 661 calories and it only takes 138 minutes (2hours and 18minutes) to walk 5.55 kilometres. A good daily workout means to burn 500 calories and this can be done in many sortContinue Reading

Fitness Plan for Teenage Guys to Build Muscle

If you are a teenage guy and want to build muscle, here is a fitness plan for you! Many teenagers follow television, media and celebrity news. They dream to become one, and the true fact is that they can! Teenage guys have a huge advantage among adults, especially in fitnessContinue Reading

build muscle fast

If you are a skinny guy than building muscle required twice as much effort. If you follow the tips share in this guide about how to build muscle fast for skinny guys, you will build muscle twice as fast than an average skinny guy without guidance. To build muscle youContinue Reading