Core 4 – Nutrition

The perfect pack for busy people. Looking for clean energy, better sleep and reduced stress? Thought so! Pure, vegan protein, fruits and vegetables (the purest and most potent on the planet), PLUS our “anti-GMO” product, Biome Medic, for optimal gut health. Throw out those old multi-vitamins. This is your new daily dose of AWESOME!

  • Pure, vegan protein
  • Supports healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • May help balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep

Pack contains:


Super Meal L. O. V. – Vanilla Chai
Power Shake – Apple Berry – 30 Servings
Power Shake Terra Pouch – Apple Berry – 30 Servings
Super Meal L.O.V. – Original (30)
Power Shake – Original – 30 Servings


More Information

Core 4 Schedule Guide

Experience improved energy, sleep, digestion, mental clarity, body protein synthesis and so much more. Purium has paired Core 3 with the power of Biome Medic. Infuse your body with nutrients and cleanse your second brain (your gut) of toxins found in everyday foods.

This is the optimal pack for foundational nutrition and support of the gut microbiome.

Super Amino 23 + Power Shake + Biome Medic + Apothe-Cherry

Expect to feel more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, and increased mental clarity. This is the easiest way to get highquality protein, fruits, and veggies into your body every day. Stay consistent and the benefits will compound over time.

When you get all-natural superfoods into your body on a daily basis, it changes everything. All you need for daily foundational nutrition are these three core products and water: Super Amino 23, Apothe-Cherry and Power Shake. Follow the schedule below and you will feel better in no time!

Super Amino 23 + Power Shake + Apothe-Cherry

Everything your body needs for about the cost of a fast food meal or a large gourmet coffee. It’s not a budget choice, it’s an eating choice.

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