A Study Suggest How Teenagers get Specs or Glasses
A Study Suggest How Teenagers get Specs or Glasses

As you know there are many people who wear glasses or specs. Some do for work others for reading. A study was made with a large number of teenagers who got specs or glasses at a young age.

Ideally you should speak with an optician about your eyes or do an eye test. The optician will study your case with certain tools and based on data he will prescribe you with glasses.

Many people get glasses after a certain age, teenagers are the most venerable. Many find reading difficulties others face challenges in work, such as in front of a computer.

Health specialists suggest that you should eat lots of carrots or vitamins that are good for your eye. Another good way is to splash your eyes with water on daily bases.

There difference between computer and reading glasses that many are not aware off is that reading glasses can range from a number of lenses while computer glasses are filters for your eyes strain.

A study suggests that teenagers who wear specs and glasses for any reason are at a risk of getting eye laser surgery later in life.

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