40-Day Ultimate – Athletic Performance

Take your workout performance to the next level! Fuel your body with this 40-day supply of products that includes the Athletes versions of 10-Transformation and 30-Day Core 4. Whether you are getting in shape for fun or for competition, this is the Ultimate program for athletes! Energy. Muscle building. Endurance. Strength. Focus. Recovery. Looking for super-performance? These are your superfoods from Purium, a highly trusted brand!

  • Build lean muscle/burn fat
  • Create sustained energy
  • Reduce fatigue and damage

>>The current prices for the Entire Purium Line as of September 26th, 2021 are Here<<

Pack Contains:

White American Ginseng 8 oz. Extract
Super Life Formula – 90 ct


>>The current prices for the Entire Purium Line as of September 26th, 2021 are Here<<

More Information

This 40-day supply is designed to take any workout routine performance to the next level. Ultimate Athletic has the superfood fuel to support muscle building, endurance and more. We encourage you to use this schedule as a guide for your health journey. Be sure to listen to your body and make modification as necessary. This 40-Day plan includes Flex Food, Flex Beverages and Lifestyle Meals.


10-Day Transformation (athlete) + Can’t Beet This! + Super Amino 23 + Super Xanthin + MVP Sport. The pack also comes with a BPA-Free Pro-Stak Blender Bottle, a tape measure and a Purium gym bag.

DAYS 1 – 10
3 servings of Flex Foods or Flex Beverages per day. The Flex options may be consumed with the Super Amino 23, Power Shake or Apothe-Cherry. Plus, one 300-calorie Lifestyle Meal is recommended for every 30 minutes of exercise.

DAYS 11-40
Super Amino 23, Super Xanthin and Can’t BEET This! can pump you up, keep your workout strong and help to nourish muscles.

Protein drink MVP Sport (Vanilla or Chocolate flavors) refills your tank with nutrients to help with recovery, muscle repair and healthy inflammatory response.

Exercise Recommendation
DAYS 1-40 • Weight training, cardio, running or sports activity

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